Sunday, December 12, 2010

An exciting time

A friend (the distinguished A. Waddell) and I are nearing a momentous moment. Hopefully by the end of this week we will release our first poetry pamphlet - the plan is to disperse around the usual suspects and establishments of Edinburgh.

It will contain two poems each. Here's one of mine that will feature (there's a slight misrepresentation of formatting due to blogger):


K stood very young and beautiful, silhouette imprinted forever against a night sky
Dark hair pony-tailed behind her, green eyes sparkling in the gloaming.
Staring up to the stars she dreamt her dreams -
Far-away places, far-flung, undiscovered, waiting and waiting.

The emeralds scrunched tightly-shut a wish was whispered under the breath.

Closed again, and open, still searching; always a little lost when standing still.

One more time the eyes closed, and they opened again.
Far from the ground below
And the wings beat beat beat at a rate of 70 per second,
Floating above momentarily, gauging acceptance of wherever will be will be

She flew towards the stars.

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